Welcome to Redman Virtual Assistance – otherwise known as RVA!

Penny Redman PictureHi I’m Penny Redman and I run RVA from my home office in Somerset.

I have years of experience primarily in Banking as well as the Charity and Private sectors. I specialise in Mortgage administration and paraplanning as this was where I spent the bulk of my time and I’m Cemap qualified.

I started RVA in March 2016 as I couldn’t find a role where I could give it my all and still be able to do the school run.  I’m really passionate about helping my clients to cut through the paperwork, their compliance and keep their back offices running smoothly.

My main biz belief is that finance doesn’t have to be Boring!

I love working with individuals and small firms of mortgage advisers especially with helping them to establish their digital presence. There are so many fantastic, people orientated advisers out there (like you) who are really passionate about helping their clients get their 1st home, dream home or just saving money on their mortgage each month.

I see RVA as being the bridge between you and your clients.

I want to help as many advisers as possible get on the web and get their social media, admin and back offices sorted so that they can reach more clients and do what they do best. My focus is to do this in an FCA and network compliant manner by building this into the very foundation of what we do.

My plan is to bring on an associate (or two) in the not too distant future so that RVA can reach more advisers and assist them in the running of their businesses. All associates will have experience in finance and will ideally be CeMAP qualified in order to consistently provide our services.

RVA has two offerings, these are RVA Desktop and RVA Digital. The services have been split in this way in order to simplify the adviser experience and to be able to offer a range of options tailored to each business and their needs.

RVA currently works with advisers who are registered with Pink Home Loans and First Complete. However if you feel you could benefit from our services and you are not registered with either of these networks then give me a call, drop me a line or use the contact page and we can have a chat about how we could support your business and your clients.

To find out more check out the RVA Desktop and RVA Digital pages.

Or you can contact me now!


Yes, you made it to the end.

Here’s five things you might want to know about me:

I’m originally from Suffolk and love the beach

I can drink 6-8 pints of tea on an avg working day

I’m learning to hand code and love tech

I’ve been married for nearly 10 yrs and have a gorgeous daughter

And finally…..

I love cycling and am currently training for the Dunwich Dynamo, a 120 mile overnight bike ride from Hackney to the Suffolk Coast (wish me luck)!